Why everyone is so unorganised, the Thermodynamic explaination!

It should be no surprise that everyone has felt unorganised, some people(like me!) feel it everyday, while some others feel it one day or another.(they are so unorganised) There is a general consensus among everyone, that unorganisation is inevitable, but what is the reason behind it? Let’s find out!

Probability and Unorganisation

Lets start at a seemingly different topic, probability. Imagine you have a copy of the first volume of Hajime Iseyama’s Shingeki No Kyojin(or Attack on Titan, a Superb read by the way!). It roughly contains 70 double sided pages. If you have it unbinded, there would be 70 seperate sheets, with page 1 ahead of 2 and so on. , from 1,3,2,4,5,….140 to 1,140,70…. and so on. You might ask, then why were the pages in the correct order when I recieved the hard copy? That’s because Iseyama instructed the Binder to bind the pages in that order.

Probability, Entropy and Thermodynamics

In the graveyard of Zentralfriedhof, Vienna, among the graves of greats such as Beethoven, lies a grave on which is inscribed a formula, This is the formula derived by Ludwig Boltzmann between 1872 and 1875, and is inscribed on his grave.

Boltzmann’s grave and the formula inscribed on it.

But how does thermodynamics come into play here? Thermodynamics, as many of you may know, is the study of energy. But, probability does play a role in thermodynamics. The reason for unorganisation also lies in thermodynamics.

There are about 10²⁴ molecules of CO2 in a bottle of coke, when you open it, and they are all released into the atmosphere. Imagine, just 140 pages gaves us such a large number that most calculators cannot even show it. The combinations of order of CO2 molecules, is thus way beyond the computing power of even the strongest of quantum computers we have on earth. And in just one case, the particles arrange themselves in hte exact arrangement they had in the bottle of Coke. Thus, there are a lot of other combinations. (There are some special exeptions, the reason for this is basically that the universe uses trial and error to attain a particular configuration. To have so many trials to attend the perfect configuration, in such a large number of possible configurations, is practically impossible, even for the universe.)

So the next time someone tries to tell you about how unorganised you are, just show them this article, or simply say- if the universe in unorganised, why cant I be?

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