Reality and Imagination:- Teleporters

Is Teleportation possible?

So, the basic teleportation allows for people to be broken down atom by atom, with the information transferred to another place, where the atoms at that place rebuild the person. That is just the essence of it.(Well physically, people, nuerologists, any one could say that they wont be the same person, and ask questions such as how will the memories, or feelings be transferred, or how many copies of you will be there?) Anyways, there are a lot of many different ideas of teleportations and teleporters, in the science fiction, from the Warp Drive in Star Trek, or the inherent ability to telport in Power Rangers, to the regular “fast travel” options in video games, such as the Mass Effect series, we see different kinds of teleporters. So, one might ask, can we invent a Warp Drive/ a fast travel checkpoint? Well the answer still remains unclear, but what matters is that Particles, small ones, such as photons, can be and have been teleported. How?

The Warp Drive in the Enterprise(from Star Trek)

Quantum Entanglement and Teleportation

Lets begin at an unfamliar point, quantum entaglement. It basically means that if there are two particles, one here and one at the centre of the galaxy, and you measure the properties of one here, the other one, will have the same property as the one we have measured. (For the sake of brevity, this is as far I am going to go into it, but if you’re interested, check these out-1) 2)-

Quantum Teleportation Process

Macroscopic Teleportation

The obvious guess is to make chamber, where the movement of the particles can be controlled, similar to the teleporter connecting the Hall of Justice( the Justice League HQ on Earth) to the Watchtower(Their HQ in space). So, by far, I can use that to telport myself to Tokyo, using the method above, and tell him the properties of my atoms over the phone (the call will be very expensive, I would be telling him about 10³⁵ seperate pieces of Information, he better have a lot of time, a huge pen and a thick notebook). But there are two things problems- Firstly, there are about 7 x 10²⁷ atoms in the human body, and influencing that many atoms is very difficult, but the bigger problem is the second one. It is that I would have to find 7 x 10²⁷ entangled atoms to measure myself, which is very hard to do, since the second part of the entangled pair can be literally anywhere in the universe. These two problems have, by far, prevented macroscopic teleportation and scientists believe that we wont have a teleporter in the near future, but what can I say, after all, my father was wrong about the Batcomputer too.

The teleporter at the Hall of Justice(from DC comics)



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